We like to keep things simple
You know what you need
We know how to do it for you!
Everything we do is bespoke to you.

We develop websites in PHP and MySQL and Software in C# and .NET.
So whether its a bespoke Back Office system, an amazing new App
or a brand new plugin for your Magento store - we can do it for you!

We have developed our own system called Spitfire AMS and this automates a huge amount of your business processes from day one.

From customers placing orders on your website, to getting them fulfilled from your suppliers or manufacturing process and automating your warehouse processes - that comes as standard!

Our system is designed to integrate with eBay, Amazon and Magento. We have Supplier Feeds from Tech Data, Spicers, Midwich and more!

We can Drop Ship your orders for you, or fill your Warehouse with the stock you need - or a combination of both.

Once in your warehouse, we can automate the manufacturing process or organize your Delivery Notes in to the most productive way to get everything picked as quick as possible!

We can plan your Drivers route on-the-fly using the most cost-effective and economical way possible - all in a matter of seconds to get your deliveries out the door as quick as possible!

Bepoke to You

We have the system developed for you, we can cater it to your requirements - or we can start from scratch and develop something completely bespoke to you!


We aim to develop everything so that no matter what device you use (from an Android Phone, to an Apple iPad or a Touch-Screen TV) every single feature will work as it should.


Although we are based in the UK, we don't restrict ourselves to the mainland. We go wherever your business needs us, whether its in Germany, Ireland or even Mongolia!

A few things we like to do


We absolutely love travelling. We pride ourselves in catering for your business whether you are a single-location in Germany, or multi-location in the United States, Ireland Great Britain - we will be by your side wherever you are!


We think Magento is absolutely amazing, with a powerful e-Commerce platform at your fingertips, we can support and develop your website to maximize its full potential.


We base all of our Web Development on some amazing languages, we won't bore you with how it all works behind the scenes, but it means that wherever you are in the world - your system will be as well!


Whether you are working from an Android Phone or a Terminal Services session, our applications will work everywhere you need them to work. Meaning that no matter where in the world you are, you can still access your software.

Ready to do something?

References, software demonstrations and face-to-face meetings are all available.